Monday, May 22, 2006

Fire Safety

My daughter and I were speaking with one of our local firefighters recently, at a safety demonstration that was part of a Healthy Kids Day sponsored by the YMCA.

Afterward, I asked her what she can do to prevent fires in the home. She replied with three safety tips:

- Don’t light candles
- Don’t let bad guys with fire into the house
- Don’t bring bombs into the house

I cannot argue her logic.


The Cubicle Reverend said...

I wish I could think that way.

Anonymous said...

Hi James,
I don't know if yu remember me. I'm Wendy Harley's sister, Joan. I found your blog on Jeff Stilwells. yu guys crack me up. Just finished watching American Idol. I"m glad Taylor won! Anyway, I'll have to tell Wendy I saw your blog. Take care!

James said...

Joanie! Of course I remember you! I hope you are well - say hi to sis for me!

Rick said...

did you tell harper that it's okay to light bad guys?