Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Looking Forward to Some Good Coffee

There is a new coffee bar opening up soon not far from us. They are building now, and plan to open in April.
I look forward to getting a nice dark roast or an espresso drink, and maybe a frap or Italian soda for my kid. Oh, and a slice of red velvet cake.


Back in the early summer a strange little creature I first thought was a dragon appeared on the rear of my car. He seemed like a happy fellow, and he was causing no harm, so I allowed him to stick around.
He traveled with me from the west coast to the east, and at some point in July disappeared.
Just the other day, shortly after discovering a snow being had taken up residence in my garage refrigerator, the happy little leech reappeared on my car.
Something is going on. And I intend to find out what.


I found this creepy little guy lurking in the garage refrigerator yesterday. But like all creatures, he's doing what he needs to do to survive, I suppose. I will continue to give him sanctuary so long as he doesn't start raiding the fridge.
Strange that he has cocktail umbrellas for arms...

Sunday, February 14, 2010


On Friday we played basketball while it was snowing.

I did not know snow could accumulate on a basketball. Cold, wet snow stuck to the basketball as we dribbled and shot, and it formed into little hard patches on the skin of the ball. Soon the ball lost a bit of its bounce.

We played until the basketball was covered with snow and our gloveless hands were numb.