Saturday, June 27, 2009

Serving Our Country

Last week I attended a change of command ceremony for the 8th Airlift Squadron at the invitation of my good friend Steve, at the Air Force base here. (I hope he doesn’t mind me posting this.)

For a civilian it was an honor to receive an invitation to attend, and very cool to mingle with Steve and his family and the other squadron members and base officers at a reception aboard a C-17. (How those behemoths can get off the ground in the first place is beyond me, but I digress.)

The ceremony itself was memorable, and Steve’s eloquent speech to the squadron and its guests nearly moved me to tears. It’s great seeing old friends achieve success in their chosen fields, and as far as Steve is concerned, June 18 was no exception. He’s a fine officer and an even finer friend.

My best to you, old buddy, as you take on new challenges. The work you do for our country and for me, as an American, is so often underappreciated. But without you and the others serving our country in uniform, the United States would not be the remarkable place that it is.

June 18 was a day that I was not only proud to be an American, but ever so proud to be a friend of one who has made countless sacrifices to serve our great country.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Blast from the Past - 1994

Todd and his floozy somewhere in North Charleson, SC.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Welcome Summer

The days are getting longer, and my summer is off to a great beginning. Here's what's been going on:

I am sitting up watching some great old movies on TCM: Mildred Pierce with Joan Crawford and Casablanca, a movie I never tire of. This, after taking in a pair of movies at the Seattle Film Festival this morning.

I've been blogging about a few of the many films I have seen thus far at SIFF here.

Recently, on a trip to the Pike Place Market, we visited the famous Shoe Museum. They have some very large shoes there.

Soccer season wrapped up. I am going to miss the Saturday games.

I chaperoned my daughter's field trip to the zoo last week. Chaperoning second graders on a field trip can be very exhausting.

My daughter asked me to shave for the field trip, but the morning got away from us. I have not shaved since May 22.

I have been watching the old Bob Newhart Show on DVD, with Suzanne Pleshette. What a great show.

I found eleven blog posts saved that I never uploaded. They include two bits about being a frequent flyer (which I haven't been in more than a year), a piece from March 14th about looking for spring which included a photo during my commute with four inches of snow on the hood of my car, and a few blasts from the past. Perhaps I'll post a few of these soon.

We sold our house. The challenge now is finding somewhere to go.