Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saved on Easter Sunday (15%)

Easter morning! Happy Easter, everyone!

My first greeting on this holy day came via email, from a Mr. J.C. Penney. "Happy Easter!" the email exclaimed.

Then I was reminded to take 15% off on my purchases today.

As Charlie Brown might say, "Good grief!"
Soon we'll be pressured to exchange Easter gifts. Is nothing sacred anymore?

Mac and Cheese

What kid does not like macaroni and cheese? But it's one of those things I usually don't allow my daughter to order from the kid's menu at restaurants. "You need to order something healthy," I tell her.
Unless of course we are at Beecher's, a cheese shop at the Seattle Market that sells, well, cheese. We stopped in recently where I picked up a half pound of their smooth Havarti for snacking. Their cream cheese is heavenly on a toasted bagel, but it's expensive and I don't eat bagels very often.
Beecher's is known, however, for their signature white cheddar, which is sharp and very flavorful.
Aside from selling cheese, they do offer one hot item: macaroni and cheese, made with their signature cheddar. It is heavy, filling and delicious, and marks one of only two mac and cheese dishes in Seattle I would consider a meal.
The other is served at the 13 Coins, and only on Mondays. That steaming bowl of cheesy pasta is cooked with Bacon, which adds a hearty element to simple pasta and cheese that I have yet to taste anywhere else.