Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Corn Fed

My wife's guest blog:

Most people celebrated the 4th yesterday. And so did we... it's just that our daughter's biggest celebration was finishing off her 3rd piece of corn.

"Whoever loves corn so much they could blow their top, raise your hand!" she exclaimed.

In the picture you can see the flag-design placemats she made for the occasion. She also insisted that we sing "Happy Birthday" to America before eating. Wish y'all could have been here to taste my husband's prize BBQ ribs and my fresh-from-the-tree cherry cobbler! I couldn't resist sharing the photo!


Rick said...

hoping this photo is inspirational to my little one as far as eating corn and other foods! thanks for sharing, caryn :) - and james, thanks for sharing caryn!

Todd said...

I heartily agree with Rickwell.

Chuck said...

Corn nothing...I was with them at Cherry Pie! But, all kidding aside, that picture is a winner. Harper is too cute.