Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas from the National Weather Service

It has been a difficult couple of weeks in the Pacific Northwest, what with wind storms, fallen trees and more than a million people without power. The photograph was taken in downtown Seattle across from my office building. You should have seen it before they cut the rest of the tree away!

And now people are stuck at the airport in Denver, possibly for another couple of days, after a blizzard there.

Who do we blame for this year's wicked weather? Some say the Bush administration. But I blame the National Weather Service. After all, they seem to know about these things before they happen. Coincidence?

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Chuck said...

I have always suspected those guys. Everyday, ours stands in front of that green screen and mimes his way through broadcast. None of them are worth the money that they are paid. Well, except for the Godfather of Weathermen: Joe Pinner.

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