Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dinner with Nan

My business travels brought me to Raleigh recently and though I was in a lot of pain and wearing an inconvenient apparatus on my right foot (which I had recently broken in an embarrassing home accident) I managed to drive to Columbia in order to have dinner at the home of my sister and her husband. My grandmother attended.

It was great to see Nan. She had recently moved from her lifelong home in Greenville to Lexington, where my sister lives, and I was able to spend two days with her before flying back to Seattle.

Pictured with me are my parents, my sister and Nan.


Rick said...

Glad you were finally able to get into town and visit sir - heal up, I'll be back in the NW some time later this spring or summer most likely.

Auntie Joyce said...

Sorry I missed your visit. Unlike you I am not dealing well with my knee pain. I did manage to get down there this past Thursday to see Nan. But I am paying for that ride now.LOL Take care and get well soon.

Todd said...

The Kirks never looked better. Like Rick, I hope to be in the NW this Spring or Summer. May you heal completely without the need for surgery.