Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ribs at Famous Dave's

My daughter loves ribs.

Two and a half months ago, Famous Dave's set up a ribs stand in South Center, and Harper hungrily devoured three complimentary ribs standing on the sidewalk in front of Old Navy. She has asked me frequently since that time to take her to Famous Dave's for ribs.

This week they finally opened. No sooner had I gotten back from six days in Dallas than we were at their crowded door with our bibs on.

I was pleased that they offered sweetened iced tea and a variety of barbecue items, salads and sandwiches; my daughter wanted ribs. She wanted lots of them and she wanted them now.

When the waitress came around, Harper ordered: a full rack of ribs, corn on the cob, drunken apples, corn muffins and a basket of Famous Dave's fries. (The potato salad came with the ribs but I ate that).

Harper also consumed two root beers. Our waitress was so impressed with her ability to inhale the twenty-four dollar rib platter that Harper was brought at root beer float on the house, which she finished in its entirety.

Tonight is Book Club. All the ladies are coming over and we've got to be scarce.

"You want to go to the movies?" I asked my daughter.

"I want to go to Famous Dave's," she replied, conspiratorially.

Looks like ribs again. Heads up, Dave, she's coming back for more.


Rick said...

You're my hero. Both of you together, J & H. I want to be like you when I'm grown up.

Patrick said...

Wow! My hat is off to your daughter! She's my kind of eater! :)

I haven't looked around Charleston to determine whether Dave has set up shop here or not. I'm kind of hoping that he hasn't...because his rib platter is $24 and because it's just so addicting!!

Auntie Joyce said...

Yes she is a hearty eater just like her great grandfather Jim. She would have loved his ribs, they were the best in the world.

George said...

Impressive! I love that top photo with all that food and a kiddie size beverage.

Steve said...

Reminds me of the All-you-can-eat for $3.49 at the Waffle House. She's learned from the master...

Todd Vick said...

Way to go, my little mouseketeer!