Saturday, December 13, 2008


For the past several years my daughter has sought a yard display of some sort for the holidays. She had previously expressed interest in littering the lawn with tombstones for Halloween, an idea which I quickly vetoed. A Christmas display was more palatable, I told her, and she did not forget what she took from me back in October to be a promise.

Last weekend while we were shopping she took the liberty of creating an arrangement in the store aisle with the outdoor Christmas display items and announced that this would be our yard display. "I have cash, you have cash, together we'll get this stuff. I'll pay six dollars." She handed me two fives and asked for four ones back. "You pay the rest," she instructed.

When the goods were rung up at the register I had a Dave Ramsey moment but swallowed it for the sake of a child's Christmas.

My wife inquired as to what was in the boxes in the back of the rig.

"Yard displays."

I pointed out that our daughter did not elect for a traditional display, nor for a sacred one. "She wanted a pig," I said. "A Christmas pig."



George said...

I love Christmas Swine!

Steve said...

Is that the Piggy Park pig, the one on the big sign by the K-Mart on Charleston Hwy?

Alan said...

In Vietnam, the decorated Christmas Pig is often tied to a tree in the front of the hut for several days. This tradition goes back decades and usually ends in a bad way for the pig. I prefer your daughter's more civilized approach to the pagentry and I also really dig her decorating style!

Anonymous said...

Christmas Pig, what a great idea. Perhaps she's trying to tell us something about materialism during the holiday season. Or maybe she just likes pigs.