Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Open Wide. No, Wider.

I was taken by surprise today, not having realized I had a dental appointment.

I don't like dental appointments, and this was a new dentist.

At least it was quick.

It was odd that she wore little plastic baggie things on her hands, and not the usual rubber gloves. But whatever.

She examined my teeth and told me I had four fillings and one crooked tooth.

Then my teeth were cleaned. I hate the whine of that electric tooth cleaner, but the toothpaste was minty and fresh.

I spit in a receptacle that resembled a cowboy boot.

The dentist then stuffed cotton balls, coated with a minty blue substance, into my mouth and I lay there for a while before they were removed. Water was then poured into my mouth from a canteen and I was forced to get out of the chair and spit into a sink located in another room.

At that point it was all over, and I was given a piece of paper with a follow-up appointment that read:

Clean? YES
Next Appointment: Friday Jan 30 $7:30

And it was signed.


Steve said...

Did this dentist operate out of an RV?

James said...

Sort of.... it was in the back of one of those roadside taquito trucks.

Todd said...

My dentist is Stringbean Wilson. He operates out of an old building on Pickens Street.

Alan said...

Stringbean has been doing it for years. You may recall that he used to pose as a one legged man on crutches, meandering along Main Street and sometime Assembly. When he was not pulling teeth, that is.