Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mac and Cheese

What kid does not like macaroni and cheese? But it's one of those things I usually don't allow my daughter to order from the kid's menu at restaurants. "You need to order something healthy," I tell her.
Unless of course we are at Beecher's, a cheese shop at the Seattle Market that sells, well, cheese. We stopped in recently where I picked up a half pound of their smooth Havarti for snacking. Their cream cheese is heavenly on a toasted bagel, but it's expensive and I don't eat bagels very often.
Beecher's is known, however, for their signature white cheddar, which is sharp and very flavorful.
Aside from selling cheese, they do offer one hot item: macaroni and cheese, made with their signature cheddar. It is heavy, filling and delicious, and marks one of only two mac and cheese dishes in Seattle I would consider a meal.
The other is served at the 13 Coins, and only on Mondays. That steaming bowl of cheesy pasta is cooked with Bacon, which adds a hearty element to simple pasta and cheese that I have yet to taste anywhere else.


Auntie Joyce said...

How soon one forgets dinners at Nan's with a large casserole dish of her famous mac & cheese. No dinner can ever be complete without mac & cheese. Remember you are still from the South!

Chuck said...

An acutal Cheese shop? Please tell me that you have yelled "SHUT THAT BLOODY BOUZOUKI UP!" at least once in there.