Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Christmas Memory 1995

Christmas is a special time for me. I enjoy the festive atmosphere, sending Christmas cards, the tree and candles and associated decorations that adorn my home at Christmastime.

During Christmas of 1995 I was living in Greenville, SC. As is my custom, I deck the halls, as much as I can.

Many of the ornaments I accumulated during my bachelor days are still on our Christmas tree today.

The Christmas tree pictured was christened "Leonard," in honor of my friend Chuck.

It occurs to me, incidentally, that the same sad angel atop the tree in this photograph rests atop my Christmas tree this year. She still cannot stand up straight.

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Chuck said...

I've christened all my tree Leonard since 1991. The story behind that - Jay and I saw ST VI and then went to get our Christmas Tree. The name just stuck.

Also, that angel looks like the one from Leonard I, is that right? I think that I bought that at the old Eckerd Drugs in Dutch Square.

Thanks for sharing!