Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Voir Dire

On Monday the 11th I reported to King County Superior Court as a potential juror.
I can say that as of today I am sitting on a jury hearing a criminal case. To say anything further would violate my charge as a juror.

Here is what I can tell you:

During the voir dire I managed to get a laugh out of the courtroom. The question posed to me was to relate to the court any prior jury experience I had. Here is my response:

“I served five days on a jury in a civil case in which homeowners filed a lawsuit against the builder for shoddy workmanship. I again served five days on a criminal case, a defendant charged with aggravated assault and attempted murder. I also played Juror Number Seven for several weeks in a community theater production of Twelve Angry Men.”

These days I am known as Juror Number Eleven.

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Rick said...

did juror seven ever make the baseball game? just curious, #11.