Monday, January 23, 2006

The 20th Anniversary Edition of Burglar Alarm

I have nearly completed the 20th Anniversary Edition of Burglar Alarm, a short film my friends and I made while we were in high school. Most of what remains to be done is some sound effects editing and mixing.

I am hoping that Alan, who composed and recorded the title song for both versions of the movie, can provide for me just a bit more bumper music, something straight acoustic piano, a tiny riff off the title song. In 1985, when we were putting together the original version of the movie, we were unable to do much with the sound. Now, I am changing that, attempting to give the soundtrack some depth.

I am also looking for Michael Homer (pictured above, in a scene from the movie), who has vanished from my address book in recent years. I need a snippet of dialogue from him. Last I heard he was working as an editor on MAD-TV.

Homer, if you don't already know, played Thomas the butler in our adaptation of the Mark Twain short story. He also appeared in another short film we began but never fully completed, Thomas T. Butler: Private Eye, or The Clown Murders. I am putting together a rough cut of the scenes we shot for Thomas T. Butler and including them on the Burglar Alarm DVD. There is quite a bit there. What we are lacking, for the most part, are ninety percent of the shots requiring the clown.

Although I have spent the past year re-working 1986's The Burglar Alarm as Burglar Alarm: 20th Anniversary Edition, I actually started the project in 2003. Alan recorded a new version of the title song for me, and it's terrific. He also provided some additional original music which will appear on the Burglar Alarm soundtrack. Chuck designed an animated title sequence which I completed in the spring of 2005. I have been thinking about tweaking it a bit, but we'll see. I want to get the sound completed before I revisit making any more changes to the visuals.

I will include here a screen shot taken from the opening animated sequence of the new Burglar Alarm.


Todd said...

H. Boy is someone I miss very much.

Todd said...

By the by, will there also be Man From Manchester anniversary edition?

Chuck said...

James...that one picture looks sooo much better than anything that I could have ever drawn! I am really impressed.

When did you and I do the behind the scenes stuff? Was that when we came to cola town for AOTC? That was a long time ago. Because of the distance from the camera, I always wondered if that came out "too" casual.

Would you be willing to send me a copy of the title sequence?

Chuck said...

I never saw any of the Thomas T Butler material. Wasn't it shot in Beta? The thing I remember most about that shoot was a day over at the Trinity Offices. It was the day that I saw Robocop, Jaws 4 and had a killer of an ear-ache.

Chuck said...

Sorry for the comment storm, but I had to leave one additional quote.

"The very last Fred" still kills me to this day. Sometimes, on a hectic day, it is my "safe" phrase that I can repeat and just make myself laugh.

James said...

I shall begin remastering the Man from Manchester series in March for a December release. Perhaps Alam can compose a theme song.

Alan Green said...

Alan, here, my boys. I would love to compose a Man From Manchester Theme song. What I would love most, however, is to play the movie review guy again and shove a pie in "Turd's" face again. Now that was comedy!

Todd said...

You just can't find such antics on the big screen anymore, my friend. I would love to receive a pie from you!

James said...

Perhaps someone should open a Stooge Pie Station and all our dreams will come true.