Friday, January 20, 2006

Answers to the Jones-Berry Quiz

I think one reason Dean Jones (The Million Dollar Duck) and Ken Berry (F-Troop, Mayberry RFD, Mama's Family) are often confused is because both of them appeared in movies with Herbie, the Love Bug. Many might consider them interchangeable, in the same vein as Tom Bosley and David Doyle, but I happen to think that each brought something new and fresh to the crazy situations they got into in some of Disney’s most memorable comedies of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

It is interesting to note that our friend Chuck seems to be a Jones-Berry expert. He's got his Jones and Berrys sorted out better than I do. And I appreciate Patrick's take on the Jones-Berry Conundrum:

"I've always thought that it was a brilliant move on Disney's part. After all, if one of them was busy, they could pull in the other and most people wouldn't notice...they'd think it was still that guy I like in all the Disney movies."

Here are the answers to the handy Jones-Berry quiz:

1. Who was born in 1931? b) Dean Jones

2. Who was born in 1933? a) Ken Berry

3. Who starred in That Darn Cat? b) Dean Jones

4. Who appeared in The Cat from Outer Space? a) Ken Berry

5. Who was behind the wheel in Herbie Rides Again? a) Ken Berry

6. Who traveled abroad in Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo? b) Dean Jones

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