Thursday, September 07, 2006

Today's Random Thoughts

  • I like espresso drinks. I like chai tea. Who knew a chai tea latte could be so scrumptious?

  • I thought I saw Tobey Macguire waiting for a bus at the corner of Denny and Dexter this morning.

  • Every time I see an episode of Star Trek that features Harry Mudd I become very, very angry.

  • I was at Macy's on Tuesday. They are setting up their Christmas section. Is it just me, or does Labor Day week seem a tad early for this sort of thing?

  • I found a recipe for a ham bone and bean soup the other day. I happen to have a ham bone handy, so I figured...

  • I don't know why the animal rights activists are not up in arms about the expression "easy as shooting monkeys in a barrel." The image is disturbing and I can think of few things more cruel.

  • My daughter told me there were two things worse than the kiss of death, a phrase she picked up from the these song to the James Bond film Goldfinder. I asked her what was worse than the kiss of death. She responded:

The two things worse than the kiss of death:

1. The Poke of Death

2. The Slap in the Face of Death


Rick said...

The Armpit of Death, while not worse than what you've already listed, is still not laughing matter, sir.

Todd said...

Grrrr......Harry Mudd.

Todd said...

By the by, have you ever tried APPLE Chai Tea? Talk about scrumptuous!