Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Maybe Next Year

The season for my Seattle Mariners is coming to a close on Sunday, and last night was my last game before Spring.

(Although it does occur to me at the moment that perhaps I should bring my daughter out on Sunday, which is the season closer as well as Kid Appreciation Day at the park.)

My friend Dan and I enjoyed seats behind home plate where we watched Oakland clench the AL West title following a 12-3 win over the Mariners.

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Auntie Joyce said...

Heather still remembers her dad taking her to a baseball game when she was much younger. She also still has the free bat she got for being one of the first 100 kids at the ballfield. So, go ahead and make a date with Harper, and have some fun, they grow up very fast.
Need you to check out my blog for important message. Love ya both, Auntie Joice