Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Week at a Glance

Travel has been brutal as of late, and I am happy to report that, aside from a planned vacation to South Carolina, I don't have any trips planned in the near future.
I got back to Seattle last weekend and my daughter, whom I have not seen much of, wanted a Daddy-Daughter outing. She wanted to go to the Space Needle, a favorite spot of ours. Lunch at the space needle was her specific request. So we dined on clam chowder and Mountain Dew and had a fine time.
Sunday was Father's Day. My parents sent me a Father's Day gift: The Reagan Diaries. ("Getting shot hurts," he writes.) I look forward to the book.
My daughter planned her response to my frequent film-going at the Seattle International Film Festival with her own Father's Day Film Festival. She made passes for the whole family (ones you wear around your neck, like they issue for SIFF), and provided sodas and popcorn for the event. The features we screened were Muppet Treasure Island and Hoodwinked.
It was the best Father's Day I have ever had!


Chuck said...

As they get older, the Father's Days get better. Great shot of H. drinking a MD. Hope our paths cross in Cola town this summer. If not, I have seriously been thinking about a trip to the Pacific Northwest.

Todd said...

I am shocked that H. didn't request "The Man From Manchester." Mountain Dew must have clouded her judgement temporarily.