Friday, June 29, 2007

What's for Lunch?

Having complained to my wife that I did not eat lunch yesterday because nobody at home made a lunch for me to take to work, my daughter responded with all the goodness in her heart and prepared for me a most excellent meal, put it on a plate, wrapped it in plastic and sealed it with masking tape.

I am presently seated at my desk enjoying my daughter's culinary efforts.

On the menu:
  • one blueberry jam sandwich, extra jam

  • red potatoes

  • a stick of white cheese

  • Capri-Sun grape drink
I recall the last time she made lunch for me. It was another sandwich. Peanut butter and ham.



Auntie Joyce said...

That is so sweet. Very smart little girl. Enjoy, for way too soon she'll be taking you out to lunch. Love, Auntie Joice

Todd Vick said...

Blueberry jam with a GRAPE drink...bold, yet brilliant!