Sunday, December 30, 2007

Concert Inventory

Following in my old pal George's footsteps (as I always have, as I always do) I was curious to recall the live concerts I have been to. The exercise, going way back to a Frankie Valley and the Four Seasons concert I saw in the 70's with my dad, caused my brain to ache, and I have not been able to remember all of them from the past.

I did recall a number of concerts that I saw with George: Elton John, Billy Joel, Steve Taylor, Michael W. Smith, Ray Charles and Chuck Mangione. The "when" on all of these is fuzzy.

I have, however, kept a tidy pile of ticket stubs in my desk drawer since 1998, so here's my list of concerts attended in the past nine years:
  • Afro-Celt Soundsystem (WOMAD-USA: Celtic musicians and Senegalese percussionists, these guys were amazing!)
  • Aimee Mann and Michael Penn (I was on an Aimee Mann kick for a while)
  • Annie Lennox (an amazing stage presence, I had no idea what a spectacular performer she is, and what an amazing voice she has, until I saw her live)
  • Arturo Sandoval (Cuban jazz trumpet virtuoso)
  • Ben Folds Five (saw these guys - there are just three members of the group, despite the name - just before they broke up)
  • Ben Folds (sans the "five," I saw him solo piano and again with his new band, and yet again having a tense phone conversation outside a restaurant in Portland, OR)
  • Blind Boys of Alabama (this gospel group opened for Peter Gabriel, and are among my favorite live performers)
  • Bob Newhart (Hello?)
  • Chick Corea (with my friend Todd, who taught me about polyphonics)
  • The Divine Comedy (a solo artist, he's English and a great songwriter)
  • Eartha Kitt (saw her show at Jazz Alley - she knows what showmanship is all about!)
  • Eric Idle (on his "Rips Off Monty Python" tour)
  • Fleming and John
  • Harvey Korman & Tim Conway
  • Indigo Girls (outdoor concert at Pier 66, a memorable experience)
  • Hall and Oates (my wife has this thing for Daryl Hall, who can still hit those high notes)
  • Jerry Seinfeld (ask me about my "George" story sometime)
  • K.D. Lang
  • Nellie McKay (saw her with Mike at the Crocodile, and now I am a fan)
  • Peter Gabriel (saw him both at WOMAD-USA - my daughter was tiny at the time but dug him all the same - and again on his "Growing UP" tour)
  • The Police
  • Ray Charles (took my parents to see Ray and the Rayettes on one of their first visits to Seattle)
  • Sting (a few years ago I actually had to take a float plane out of Friday Harbor to make a Sting concert at the stunning Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington)
  • Train (great band to hear live)
  • U2 (the Vertigo tour, what a show!)


George said...

Great list. I wish I had some of those in my collection (especially Sting, Peter Gabriel, and U2). I didn't think to put comedians on MY list, but I've seen Bill Cosby, Jerry Seinfeld, and some others.

Where did you see Fleming and John? We used to see them around Nashville. I didn't know anyone else ever cared about them.

Steve said...

I wanted to see the Police so badly but was never able to "synch" up with them on the right continent.

I remember the fake backstage passes you and George made up for Steve Taylor. Classic and, if I recall, he thought they were pretty cool, too!

Martha said...

U2 Rocks! I saw them in the fall of 1992 here in Columbia. When the encore began with those first notes of "New Year's Day" I went apes#@*. That is the best concert I ever saw.