Saturday, December 15, 2007

Is This Movie Sold Everywhere?

That's what's my daughter asked me after watching the DVD Burglar Alarm, a movie I made with friends back in 1986.

"I'm afraid no one wants to sell it," I replied.

"Too bad," she said. "Who has one?"

"People in the movie," I returned. "That's about it."

That said, my daughter is selling copies of the DVD Burglar Alarm, starring Julie Singleton, Brad Norris and Michael Homer as Thomas the butler. The cost is $14.95, which includes postage and handling. Send your email address if you are interested.


Auntie Joyce said...

Well put Auntie Joyce on the list. I would love to have a copy. It would make for some fun and laughter when we are old and grayer. LOL Love ya, Auntie Joyce

Todd said...

Will "The Man From Manchester" trilogy be sold as a DVD package?

George said...

What about "Raiders of the Lost Hotdog" or "Indiana Jones Jr and the Eggs of Doom"? You're sitting on a potential gold mine!

Steve said...

I watched this the other night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I mean, it's really good. Like the added touches.

I saw Homer's name on the Mad TV credits today. It's cool that we know someone famous.

James said...

Coming soon to DVD:
- "The Man from Manchester"
- "The Man from Manchester II: Gilmore's Revenge"
- "The Man from Manchester III: The Return of James St. John Smythe"
- "It's Absolutely Crazy"
- "Idiot! Idiot!"
- "Raiders of the Lost Hot Dog"
- "Indiana Jones, Jr., and the Eggs of Doom"