Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fighting Global Warming

The state of Washington has introduced a bill to combat global warming, and it is a relief to see that our state is taking a leadership position in addressing the perilous course we are on.

What are we doing?

In order to combat global warming, the legislature is moving to introduce tolls on the state's bridges and freeways. And the billions in revenue from the tolls will be used to build new bridges and roads.

With everyone paying their fair share of tolls (yes, even the hybrid owners!) we can save the polar bears from starving to death and keep the seas from consuming our great cities like New York and San Francisco.

With any luck the other states will follow our lead and save the world through the strategic placement of toll booths.


Patrick said...

Am I missing something?

How is raising money to build new roads and bridges fighting global warming?

Unless, of course, each of those tollbooths have a special atmospheric cooling system built into the roof that sends a blast of cold air straight up.


Steve said...

Global warming is a political windfall, isn't it? Here's an issue that can't be totally proved/refuted, with dramatic "impact" pictures, that activists can use to put everyone on guilt trips over. I mean, nobody wants to hurt the environment, right? Nobody but fat-cat business leaders. Tax them all! It's for our own good!

Next, lawmakers will pass along tax credits so folks will drive on these roads more, thereby generating more revenue for global warming while emitting more CO to help contribute to it. A paradox!

Caryn said...

I would personally like to see a pedestrian tax to save the whales. Or maybe a whale tax to save the pedestrians.