Sunday, May 11, 2008

Flying High with C-17 Daddy

I sometimes worry that my Tahoe is too big to maneuver and park, but after seeing a C-17 Globemaster III up close and personal I have found a new respect for the men and woman who sit behind the stick of those flying whales.

C-17 Daddy is one such man. He opened his Saturday to allow the family to come down to the base and look around, and I got a better idea as to what it is that he does. The C-17 does resemble a whale -- it's a large, fat, gray-skinned jet with a mammoth tail and enough room in its cavernous belly for hundreds of Pinocchios and Ghepettos. Plus any tanks or jeeps the marionette may have under his command.

We were given a brief tour highlighting the history of the air wing. The base is an impressive, and it was fascinating to be provided a window into C-17 Daddy's world.
Taking a look at the aircraft that have been flown out of the base over the years, we are given a close-up view of a C-124C (above); looking down the gun barrel of a C-10A Warthog (left).


Chuck said...

Is that a silver bird or a silver leaf on Steve's hat?

James said...

He wears a decorative silver star on his hat, which I would guess is a nod to "Star Wars."

Alan said...

That's really cool. Where was it anyway?

Todd said...

When did you get a Tahoe? Welcome to the Chevy owners club!

Ritter is a stud. Nuff said.