Tuesday, May 06, 2008

House in the House...Sort Of

I don't watch much dramatic television, and have not seen the program "House." I don't know if it is any good or not.

But I love the commercials for "House" that they air on FOX. I saw one tonight that left me breathless and anxious. House appears to be in some big trouble. I hope he gets out of it. I would hate to miss out on future promos for "House."


Auntie Joyce said...

House is a show that you have to sit back and watch the whole show. After that you are hooked. It really is a great show.

Chuck said...

Sorry, James.

House got forclosed last night, so there will be no more promos.

However, they are starting a spin of: Apartment. It's about a Doc with two bum legs instead of one and is even more crotchity than the House.

But, seriously, the show is good, but follows the same pattern each week. Someone comes in sick. Really sick. House Sick. They diagnose the problem. They get the diagnosis wrong (several times). House gets a idea. A crazy idea. An Idea that is so crazy, it just has to work. And, it usually does.

The parts that make House really good is when they get a story arc that is beyond the patient of the week.

Caryn said...

This is true. I am his wife and have the privilege of watching James view countless hours of "House" promos and countdown reality shows. I don't even have to watch the actual TV. I just watch Jay watch. Very emotional. I also enjoy seeing him watch America's Funniest Home Videos. He sleeps through Star Trek. Hates Burger King commercials.