Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Blast from the Past - 1984

Buck, Toast and Jelly.

I'd like to imagine these were carefree times. And in many respects they were.

But in the moment, here are three guys worried about doing well in school, agonizing over girlfriends, breaking in their drivers licences and imagining how, 27 years hence, life away from parents and school and lame part time jobs will be liberating and free.

The guy in the middle sees himself in his early 40's operating something akin to Rick's Cafe American in some exotic locale like Casablanca, chatting with the piano player, bribing local officials and dealing with the occasional ex-girlfriend who walks in the door with her husband and tells the piano player to "Play it, Sam."


George said...

Back then the guy on the right imagined himself growning up to have a hat rack full of awesome panama hats and a dresser full of short shorts and medium tee shirts. Alas, his dream unfortunately came true, but he can't fit into any of them (even the hats).

Chuck said...

Awesome picture. Haven't seen much of Buck. This looks like it was taken in front of Jelly's house. And, by the way, I am sure Rick would be pleased with your version of his Cafe.

Alan said...

Hey, I think I may have taken that photo!

Rick said...

Well done on the cafe. Wait, what?

Caryn Kirk said...

I don't like the ex-girlfriend part.