Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Cast Reunion

Recently there was a cast reunion worth mentioning.

No, I am not writing about the Seinfeld reunion that is the subject of this season's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" on HBO.

Think more David O. Selzenick and less Larry David.

To honor the 70th anniversary of Gone With the Wind, surviving cast members gathered at a tribute event outside Atlanta recently. With Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh being off-planet, the cast reunion comprised actors who played children and babies and Beau Wilkes at various childhood ages in the classic 1939 film.

I don't suppose there was much reminiscing going on at this reunion. But for those surviving performers in attendance , it must be marvelous to know that each was a part of such a remarkable feat of cinematic grandeur the likes of which are long gone in American motion pictures.

I think I'll add Gone With the Wind to my Netflix queue. It's been a while for me, too.

Oh, and George is divorced and is trying to get back with this ex-wife, in case you were wondering.


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Patrick said...

Several years back, my mom had been given some fresh peaches by a co-worker, so she made a nice peach cobbler. That night, by total coincidence, Gone With the Wind came on television.

So we watched it while having hot peach cobbler with a generous serving of vanilla ice cream melting over the top of it.

I can no longer separate the two. I dare you to get a hot peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream and eat that while you watch. You'll never be able to think of one without the other! :)