Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Cook Out

Burgers. Sirloin, of course. With lettuce, tomato, yellow onion, sliced. Mustard, ketchup and mayo. I made the mayo myself, a walnut mayo. Not bad.

Hot dogs. The Sinai kosher ones, just the right length. Fabulous! With some chili, mustard and ketchup.

Potato salad made with lots of spices, onions and peppers, boiled egg and yellow mustard. Used my walnut mayo in the potato salad, by the way. Beach Cole Slaw from a cookbook to bring up the rear.

Chips. Some cold soda pop and chardonnay.

My wife threw this thing together at the last minute after a week and a half of watching the continuing coverage of the disaster in the gulf coast. This would be her fund raiser for victims of Katrina disaster.

Even so, with only a few heads present, she raised $503.97, some of it coins collected by the kids who were present. She stepped up and did something important, helped a few people with the donations she collected, and had a nice evening in the process. I commend her.

All I did was make the potato salad.


Rick said...

should've done spam - like the spamming spam comment above. woo hoo.

James said...

Why is DirectMatches spamming blogs? That is my question. And what kind of sad fool is Wayne that he is unable to meet someone without the assistance of a website?