Saturday, September 17, 2005

More George

I had another “brush with Seinfeld greatness” a few years ago. This one with Jason Alexander.

A colleague of mine who knew Alexander told me that the actor was something of a fan of William Shatner and Captain Kirk. The colleague knew, of course, I was a fan of the Seinfeld show. Long story short I received a call from the actor’s office that Jason would like to send me a signed photo. It arrived the next morning by FedEx.

He also signed one for my friend Tim, which I sent to Tim anonymously.
A few days later Tim was thrilled to receive the note and the photo from “George,” and he immediately framed the 8x10 and, without telling his family, placed it on the credenza of his home with other myriad photographs .

It apparently took Tim’s wife several days before she noticed it. When she saw it, she cried out, “Tim! Why is there a Costanza on the Credenza?”

Imagine her surprise just last year upon finding a Peterman on the porch.

Next up: Kramer on the couch.

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