Monday, August 07, 2006

End of the Dog Days

In villages in China, people are dying of rabies. Sixteen in one village as of Friday.

The response? Kill all the dogs. It's been pretty ugly. (In Seattle we do something similar with Canadian geese; not because they kill people, but because they are messy.)

Persons for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are putting s stop to this massacre in China, thank goodness. They are canceling $300 worth of orders for products made in China. This clever move - truly unexpected and crippling in its financial impact - will surely pressure the Chinese into ending this horrendous practice and force them to vaccinate their canine hordes against rabies. A campaign to spay and neuter will surely be next.

Without ludicrous and ineffective symbolic gestures, this animal rights organization would have no press at all.

Coming up next: the 2008 Olympics, 100% dog free. Stay tuned!


Patrick said...

"...cripling in its financial impact..."

Hillarious, James!

I'm an animal lover, and I volunteer with the animal group from which I adopted my golden retriever mix.

But PETA's nearly-constant "Look at me!" tactics do, I'm afraid, more harm than good when it comes to getting people to take these problems seriously.

I'd love to see them allowing the animals, not their photo ops, get the attention for a change!

Auntie Joyce said...

This is so sad! It is not the animals fault, but that of the humans, that should be taking these animals for their shots. The local paper here said that they were beating the dogs to death. I can not imagine a child having to wittness such a nightmarish sight. I realize you are only making fun of PETA and their poor judgement in handleing such matters, but it still bothers me that as America's we are just sitting here watching them destroy helpless animals in such a sicking way.

Rick said...

sarcasm? i'd recognize that anywhere.

James said...

I think what the Chinese are doing to the dogs is barbaric - I, too, have a soft spot for animals. I applaud Patrick for his activism and for adopting his dog. I merely think proactive action as opposed to reactive action is the best way to get results.