Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Tennis Ball Test

Today my wife is guest blogger.

To find out if Daddy bought the wrong size underpants, simply perform the tennis ball test:

Yup. Too big.


Rick said...

Yeah - that did it. Totally speechless. Thanks, Caryn - no idea what to do with that.

Chuck said...

But - I still give James credit. He attempted to buy underwear. When it comes to buying my girls clothing, I make double sure Cindy has her cell phone and mine is charged.

BTW - Priceless!

Auntie Joyce said...

One for the scrapbook, for sure. Caryn, take the checkbook,and the car keys away from him very slowly. Grab Harper and head to the nearest mall. Harper and you deserve new outfits for this male-mis-function.

Rick said...

I think what bothers me most is wondering how Caryn heard of the tennisball test, or how the very first person to do this, thought of it. Like I said, no idea where to go after that.

Todd said...

Does this count as a "wardrobe malfunction?"