Friday, August 04, 2006

My Bag

I saw that my friend Rick recently came into possession of a new bag. The appropriate bag is an essential accoutrement for today's mobile man. To those that don't normally carry a bag with them as part of their daily routine might look upon a bag such as mine as impedimenta; but a reliable, well-constructed bag is an extension of the modern man, a constant friend and companion.

Rick's post inspired me to introduce to my three regular readers my own well-traveled laptop bag, pictured above in the passenger seat of my car.
  • Age: 8 years
  • Cities visited: Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, Columbia SC, Dallas, Denver, Ft. Lauderdale, Irvine, Las Vegas, Miami, Nashville, New York, Palo Alto CA, Phoenix, Portland, San Jose, St. Louis, Tampa and Toronto
  • Air miles: over 100,000
  • Contents (today as of 4:30 PM PDT): one laptop computer, two Pentel pens, a mechanical pencil, two packs of Trident gum, ear buds, one DVD (Play it Again, Sam), a Palm TX, my Treo, eleven file folders, three current magazines (Newsweek, Premiere and Esquire), one book (Discovering Solutions to Everyday Challenges), twenty-three cents in change, one coffee club card, an outdated travel itinerary, a photo of my wife, two photos of my daughter, two drawings by my daughter of our family and two walleye fillets (since removed to the refrigerator)


Auntie Joyce said...

What, No hidden stach of candy, or any kind of munching foods. All the popular bags now adays have at least one small bag of M&M's with peanuts and a bag of crushed chips. Well at least you do have gum. That bag has been more places in 8 years than I have in 46. LOL

Todd said...

You have a Treo? Cool. Unfortunately, my digital camera is out of comission at present, or I would introduce my bag. My primary bag, however, is located just above my belt.

Rick said...

nice bag.

mothy said...

I have a bag. She turned 36 this year.