Sunday, February 10, 2008

Today's Kitchen Tip

My daughter reminds us all to make sure you label all your frozen foods.
Pictured: a frozen steak in a Ziploc freezer bag carefully labeled by a six-year-old.


Steve said...

I noticed the label on the other side as well, so you'll know what the package contains no matter which way you pull it out. Very thorough. You've got quite the organizer there.

Rick said...

Can she come help organize my coffee mugs?

Todd said...

At least you label your freezer stock. In our house, it's, "Honey, what's this?"

"I don't know...could be meat...could be cake."

"Let's thaw it out and see."

Go, Harper!

Martha said...

Labels are a good idea. My grandma made me some cinnamon toast one time, except that what she used was not cinnamon - it was Nestea! That's what happens when you don't label stuff.

Steve said...

That was like the time I said, "That's not toothpaste! It's Preparation ...."

Never mind.