Friday, April 04, 2008

Seattle Sonics Playing an End Game?

The Seattle Sonics have lost nearly sixty games this season, which may be their last in Seattle as the team's owner wants to move the team to Oklahoma City.

Tonight's loss to the Rockets, 79-66, may have marked my last Sonics game at Key Arena.

It has been a contentious battle here between the owner and the city, end result is that the team may go and the name and team colors will stay in Seattle for a future expansion team.

Regardless, I rather like the arena, and though not an NBA fan per se, I enjoy going to the games. There is an exhilaration to sitting court side at an NBA game that one does not find elsewhere, except perhaps hockey.

So if this was to be my last Sonics game, it was, despite the loss, a good time.

NOTE: When I mentioned to my daughter that I actually caught the basketball during the game, she asked, "Did you dribble it back in?" I replied, no, that I had to toss it back to the referee, and she seemed very disappointed in me for not jumping in there.
Above: Ronald Dupree goes in for a layup; Steve (C17-Daddy) poses for a photo after the game.


Chuck said...

Wow! A rare photo of Critter in the Wild. I think we have some pep rally photos from high school that look similar.

Martha said...

Critter - ROTFLMAO!! Steve, you have not changed a bit!

Martha said...

Just to clarify - I'm laughing at Chuck calling you Critter since I had not heard that in so long.