Thursday, June 05, 2008

Losing Track of Days

It's week two into "one of those weeks."

Not that it's been bad or anything -- it hasn't, and I am actually having a good time. But with the Seattle Film Festival going on (I am attending quite a few screenings), coordinating a full office relocation over three full days, and a top to bottom bathroom remodel at home, I have to keep reminding myself what day it is. Quite frankly, I keep forgetting.

But it's all good. I am at least having fun. I have seen some great movies (and two stinkers), successfully moved our office to an adjoining building, and the bathroom remodel progresses Wednesday with the arrival of the tile guy.

Or is he coming Thursday? That might be today. What day is it again?

Above, standing outside of the Egyptian Theater in Seattle, between screenings.


Rick said...

Envious of your film festival, but not your week. Have my own week going with travel thrown in to boot. Hay caramba.

Hook us up with ideas for our Netflix queues after some of these go straight to video.

Steve said...

Arlene and the kids rolled into town successfully Sunday. Week has been a torrent of activity trying to find a place to live.

Looking forward to hooking up with the K clan soon. Hope you're sticking with the Godfather theme in the newly remodeled bathroom.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're enjoying the file fest. BYW, good picture.

Todd said...

Looking very GQ, my friend.

Alan said...

Looking dapper I must say. As for myself, I will be glad to test out your bathroom once the remodelling is complete. I have, after turning 40, become somewhat of an expert.