Monday, June 30, 2008

Hot Enought for Me

I saw a list of cities on MSNBC which were rated as the sweatiest in the nation. At no. 1 Phoenix was the sweatiest, and San Francisco, ranked 100, was listed as the unsweatiest.

After two days of record temperatures in Seattle this weekend -- Saturday and Sunday we hit 91 degrees -- I have to confess that I did a rare thing yesterday evening and went to dinner in jeans and a tee shirt. Way too hot for a collar.

There was some sweating going on. It was probably 87 degrees in the house.

The list was based on meteorological data and not some cultural "Sweatin' to the Oldies" countdown, so took the information to be more-or-less accurate. And it does hold up to my personal experience, as well.

A few highlights:

2. Las Vegas
8. Tampa
13. Birmingham
24. Columbia, SC
33. Charleston, SC
43. Atlanta, GA
48. Washington, DC
61. Charleston, WV
67. Chicago
80. Boston
94. Green Bay
99. Seattle


Patrick said...

One of the main things I like about Charleston is the sea breeze. Without that, it'd be Columbia sweat-wise.

One of my good friends is moving to the San Francisco area this fall. I hate that he's leaving, but I'm looking forward to visiting one day.

Seattle is also on my must-visit list one of these days...

Todd said...

Columbia should be number one. It is the underarm of the US. Who figures up this stuff? Have they ever travelled to Columbia??

Steve said...

Coach Yawn used to say that, right? "Columbia is the armpit of South Carolina." I still use that quote.