Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shower, Anyone?

This is the point in one's bathroom remodel that wisdom prevails and one calls in the contractor.
Actually, we're a little further along since this photo was taken.

I recall the painter, Eldin, from the TV series Murphy Brown. He was a great guy, but never seemed to actually finish painting Murphy's house.

Our painter, who is a first-rate commercial painter (he's done work for me commercially for 8 years), has been retained for the bathroom job, repairing drywall, fixing the ceiling and of course painting. It's a small bathroom, and I am amused that he's worked in fits and starts thus far. I would figure one could knock out this job in a day or two, but Eldin has been at this bathroom for weeks, popping in for 15 minutes here and there, patching a hole or sanding something and hanging out with the dog.

We hope to have the project complete before we sell the house.

In four of five years.


Todd said...

HA HA HA! Eldin! What a nut!

Alan said...

Looks perfectly good to me, Jay. Be honest... have you, er, tried her out yet?

Steve said...

Is that the Godfather bathroom? Boy, that's a mess! I've never really been one to see the "potential" in a room enough to remodel anything.