Thursday, November 01, 2007

Dad Pulls Through

I discovered many years ago that you can freeze peanuts -- if they're boiled.

Before I got married, during the fall, I used to buy ten pounds or so of green peanuts, meaning raw peanuts in the shell, they way they come out of the ground, and boil them, bag them and freeze them. I would enjoy them during the winter, mainly on the weekends during football games. A quick defrost in the microwave and you're good to go.

After I moved to Seattle, a place wherein one cannot merely purchase green peanuts in the shell, my dad would send me some on occasion, during October, when the peanut crop was in. I would boil and freeze them and enjoy them during football games throughout the rest of the winter.

Fast forward to today...ah! a huge box of green peanuts was delivered to my doorstep just this afternoon, and on Saturday and Sunday I will be boiling them and putting them up.

I could not be more pleased.

And for my friends outside of South Carolina and Georgia, who do not know about boiled peanuts -- they are boiled in the shell, heavily salted and are very tasty.

Perhaps an acquired taste, as one year I sampled them to some Seattle friends and they responded politely but secretly suspected I was crazy.


Steve said...

I love boiled peanuts! It's very tough to find them in Germany. I am reduced to buying the canned version--doesn't do them justice.

Interestingly enough, the Germans have no idea what peanut products are. They don't even eat peanut butter. I can't imagine a world without peanut butter sandwiches. They use this chocolate spread called "Nutella." It's like liquid chocolate and is atrocious when mixed with jelly. Believe me, I've tried it. It's horrid.

Chuck said...

James - You have inspired me, and I have thrown some nuts in the brine hopefully in time for the Gamecocks to put a end to the Razorbacks once and for all.

General Veers, prepare your troops for ground assault.

James said...

I have had canned peanuts and they are rather disgusting, though I find it interesting Steve can find them in Germany.