Sunday, November 04, 2007

Peanuts in the Pot

I have put up about 7 quarts of boiled peanuts thus far, and my third batch is on the stove.

I was pleased to find Chuck was trying his hand at boiling some peanuts as well.

As for salting, I have experimented with Morton's salt, Kosher salt and sea salt, and thus far my money is on sea salt for best results.

I took a break last night and went to the cinema and saw The Darjeeling Limited, a movie I liked a great deal, oddly funny and quirky in that Wes Anderson-Rushmore-Royal Tennenbaums kind of way. Though I am not sure what to think of the short film The Hotel Chevalier, which serves as something of a back story for Darjeeling.

Oh! That reminds me -- I think I'd like a cup of tea. With sweet lime.


Rick said...

Peanuts and pot. Going to be just like college, huh?

George said...

OK Peanut Connoisseurs, where in SC is this:

Steve said...

You got my dander up now for boiled peanuts!
I visited my dad's family last month and got a receipe for homemade sauerkraut I can't wait to try.
It all started with our Turkey dinner those many years ago...

Steve said...

By the way, go check out your "Moneypenny" post on 4th Row Center...Martha stopped in for a visit. She's got her own blog now at