Thursday, November 01, 2007

It's My Daughter, Eloise

Halloween is past, but this year my daughter drew from children's literature for her Halloween costume.

She went as Eloise, a six year old child who lives the good life in the Plaza Hotel in New York, from a series of books by Kay Thompson originally published in the 1950s.

Leave it to my daughter to go trick-or-treating as a semi-obscure literary character.


Auntie Joyce said...

WOW! That is so cute. Brains and beauty, you are really going to have trouble with all the boys. LOL Uncle Roger has a shot gun he'll sell you. LOL Love ya, Auntie Joice

Rick said...

I widh I had known. Cammi wanted to go as Ms. Havisham and I flatly refused.

Todd said...

Bibliophile Father + English Scholar Mother = Well..., you do the math. What a cutie, though!