Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Play Ball!

I was pleasantly surprised to hear from a long-time friend on Wednesday, who sent along a photo taken in 1992 at Dodgers Stadium.

L.A. was playing the Astros that night. Note the requisite peanuts and Cracker Jack.

And by "long-time friend," I do mean it's been a long time since we first met. I have to confess I have known Chris since we were both three years old. Too many years to count, I am afraid. But I am ever glad we manage somehow to keep in touch over the years and miles that separate us.


George said...

Cool photo! It's especially funny how the kid in the background is "adjusting" his pants. Ahh...Baseball!

Rick said...

"adjusting his pants" - is that Homer?

Steve said...

Where's Chris Neeley now? Last time I heard from him was an email last Christmas. Does he have a blog yet?