Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Too Many Cables

Why is it that my life is dominated by cables? I have so many that I took the label maker out and labeled them. The Nikon, a couple of video cameras, the cables for my Studio editing software, cell phones, Palm pilots, electric razors, the MPE player, handfuls of incompatible chargers -- it's insane. And don't get me started with the home media center stuff.

I had a number of maddening entertainment center components until last spring: DirecTV box, receiver, DVD, VHS, turntable, DVR, not to mention the TV. And all of it interconnected with cables.

So in April of 2007, after weeks of research, I chucked the whole thing and went with the Bose Lifestyle and a Sony Bravia TV. The entertainment center was sold on Craig's List and we bought a simple TV stand, underneath which is the sound system and the DirecTV box -- that's it. And with HDMI and optical audio, cabling has become simplified. And the whole living room became simple and clutter-free for the first time in our marriage.

Which brings me to a last month. My family was shopping at Target and my daughter and I stopped at the XBox demo. "Let's try out some games," I told her, and we ran through the demo. I hadn't played a video game console since 1995. We found a race car game we both liked, and I told my daughter I would buy it for her. My wife interjected: "We don't have an XBox."

But we did. It had been in the living room, unopened in its box, for months. "What did you think that thing was?" I asked.

"I don't know. Why haven't you hooked it up?"

"Where would we put it? Besides, I don't want all those cables everywhere."

So I have one XBox racing game, and a box that says XBox 360 Elite (which I procured at a charity auction by virtue of the fact it was the only thing on the list that I would be even remotely interested in) which have yet to be opened. I may not even know what happened to that game. But it's getting to the point where I may have to do something. It may mean a few more cables (my guess is three, four if I want to do the on-line thing).

But I am restless tonight so maybe I will change my mind. Anyone care to recommend any games?

Above: My video game console now languishes in the garage.


Chuck said...

James - If you haven't played since 1995, there are a ton of games that are pretty fun for the 360.

Star Wars Legos (Complete Saga) - Pick up an extra controller for you and H. You guys will play this for hours.

Test Drive Unlimited (Car Game) - There are elements of this game that I do not like (e.g. picking up hitchhikers for $$...most of them are models, but you cant help but think they are not really hitchhikers), but once you get in game, you have virtually the entire island of Oahu to drive on.

Kameo - Elements of Power (RPG Lite) - This is another one that K. really enjoyed. The female lead learns different powers that allow her to change into different elementals that allow her to complete quests.

Bioshock - Best game I've played last year - proves that like any media, story counts. The themes in this are mature. But, this is possibly the highest recommended game on the list (for you or C).

Tiger Woods - You could buy an older 2006 version and still enjoy this game. Also, it is fun to play with the spouse.

If you subscribe to Xbox Live there are tons of Lite Games that you can purchase for $4 - $12. These include retro arcade games to digital realizations of board games such as Carcasonne. You can play demos of games before you buy them to see if you like them. Besides, you can add me to your buddy list and we can game online together.

Rick said...

We've got a Nintendo Wii - very interactive, very addictive, lots of cables.

I recommend the Lego games - we just got Lego Indiana Jones, lots of fun.

Chuck said...

R - Did you guys get the Indiana Jones Legos? The SW version have been so much fun. And, funny.

Rick said...

Yes, indeed - Indy Legos kept T busy for many days. And now we're building a real lego Batman Tumbler, waiting for Lego Batman.