Thursday, July 31, 2008

Warm, Soft Cash

Why is it that currency one receives in change from convenience stores is always so nasty? It's crinkly and soft and warm, sometimes sticky. Where do these bills come from? I don't get that kind of well-worn change at the supermarket, or in a restaurant. And at the bank the bills are nice and crisp. It's only at convenience stores that one finds the dregs of currency.

One of these days I may ship one of those nasty one dollar bills off to a lab and see what they can tell me.

In the mean time, I am telling my 7-11 clerks, "Coinage only, please!"


Chuck said...

i've always wondered if there was a way in which it could be returned to its original state of crispiness.

Alan said...

I find a hot iron and starch works well for limp currency.

Todd said...

Keep your hand sanitizer fastened to your belt right beside your cell phone, my friend. Soft, sweaty currency will be the end of us all.

Steve said...

I know my fresh, crisp bills never stay that way. I like to spread them all over the floor and roll over them, feeling like a millionaire or a Hilton heir (is that a pun?). Tends to crinkle them up.